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Many issues are changing, developing and getting difficult. Change and development is also an endless fact and action for us. In this competitive environment, our basic principle is to effectively utilize our sources, to add values to the economy of our country, not to sacrifice from our production quality in all conditions, to ensure the happiness of our domestic and foreign clients and to achieve continuous development through our substantial service understanding by keeping our authenticity. Our policy is to reach our targets without any sacrifice from principles.

Our short, medium and long term targets are also the targets of Nurol personnel.

  • To complete the work at one time in correct and proper manner
  • To eliminate the inappropriate conditions in the shortest possible time and to take the necessary precautions in order not to face such inappropriate conditions
  • To think about the solutions for improvement of our works and the way of doing
  • To be aware of the importance of acting as a team rather than individual actions
  • To achieve the development by learning as a team rather than individual learning, by sharing knowledge in the team and by teaching to each other
  • To closely follow up the global developments and improve our quality management system through continuous training, through increasing the qualification of the working personnel.